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For the well-being of hospitalized children

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A little bit about us...

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Manata Lahaim is an isreali charity created in 2018 by Olim Radashim in the memory of Nancy Esther Haccoun, a laboratory technician who devoted all her life for the happiness and the well-being of children. 
We are volunteers from center
Israël and we share the same goal: bring joy to hospitalized children in the country.

...and what we do!

We organize gifts distributions, parties, birthdays. We are also taking care of the parents and the staff by bringing them gifts food or whatever they need to build them up.  

Together we are stronger

Let's keep in touch 

Matana Lahaim Israel 
C/o Ariel Tolub lawyer Office
96 Ahuza St , 
Raanana 4345002

Phone: 058 400 5969


Merci - Thanks - תודה

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