Our Projects to be financed

The Ruben Project

The Guimel ג hospitalization unit of the Schneider paediatric hospital welcomes children with all types of pathologies, with a specificity for transplanted children, hospitalized for long periods of time. In July 19' Matana Lahaim offered to this Unit a portable device, derived from the method called “Snoezelen“. The method, created in the Netherlands in the 70s, has been recognized to relax children through sensory experiences, in order to draw their attention to gentle and soothing stimuli. This method has been proven to reduce the stress and pain associated with care or hospitalization in general. 

Matana Lahaim has decided to offer every year one portable device worth €15,000 to a paediatric unit and to name it «Ruben’s Dream Box» in tribute to Dr. Ruben Smadja (z‘’ l)  a brilliant child psychiatry doctor, director of the OSE’s child psychiatry unit in Paris, a lover of children and Israel. He was known for his kindness towards children, and for his innovative ideas in child psychiatry, always with the same goal: to appease children.


The Utrasound Machines

Matana Lahaim wants to equip every paediatric unit, with an ultrasound machine worth €40,000. This would be a major help for night and weekend wardens when a patient’s condition worsens dramatically and there is no on-site radiologist left in the hospital. Thanks to a donation, the Aleph paediatric unit received an ultrasound machine.


Infusion pumps for bone marrow transplant

Matana Lahaim wants to offer the paediatric haemato-oncology unit at Schneider Hospital new bone marrow transplant pumps, replacing the current malfunctioning pumps. 70 pumps are needed today for a total cost of €70,000. As each transplant requires 5 pumps (operating simultaneously and delivering different drugs) it would achieve 14 bone marrow transplants over the same period, divided between the marrow transplant unit and the conventional oncology unit.

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There is Joy

The association organizes all around the year, celebrations, distribution of gifts, meetings with personalities, children’s makeup sessions, Yom Kef for parents etc in hospitals.
The purpose of these actions, called «There is joy», is to alleviate the time spent in hospitals or daily care and allow medical teams to care for children in a serene and joyful climate.